CDEP at the Columbia Global Center in Tunis

February 05, 2024

CDEP Co-Director Eric Verhoogen visited the Columbia Global Center in Tunis to present a new project evaluating a Tunisian export-promotion program, entitled "What do Market-Access Subsidies Do? Experimental Evidence from Tunisia." A summary of the event is here. Verhoogen and co-author (and current Columbia PhD student) Nadia Ali also presented the results to officials at the offices of CEPEX, the Tunisian export-promotion agency (known as the "maison de l'exportateur"). The trip included a stop in Paris to present the project at the IFC's Annual Research Conference, this year on Digitalization and Development; the talk begins at 2:22:00 in this video.

Eric presenting
audience close-up
audience question
Two people outside a building.