Past Winners


Student grants:

So Yoon Ahn:  Cross-Border Marriage and Female Empowerment
Francis Annan:  Fraud on Mobile Financial Markets: Evidence from a Pilot Audit Study
Kolby Hanson:  Militant Recruitment In and Out of Ceasefire
Nandita Krishnaswamy:  Producer Responses to Agricultural Price Floors: Evidence from India's PDS
Lorenzo Lagos:  The Effects of Violence on Commercial Loans: Evidence from Mexico’s Narco-Wars
Lorenzo Pessina:  Enterprise form and economic activity: evidence from Colombia
Golvine de Rochambeau:  Inefficiencies in the Transport Sector: Evidence from Liberia

Faculty grants:

Jonas Hjort:  The Anatomy of Tariff Evasion in Liberia (made possible by a generous gift from Anu Jayanti)
Paul Lagunes:  The Andean Way? Understanding Corruption and Inefficiency in Peru (made possible by a generous gift from Anu Jayanti)
Rodrigo Soares:  Impacts of Glyphosate Use in Agriculture on Human Health (made possible by a generous gift from Anu Jayanti)
Anja Tolonen: Asymmetric Information (made possible by a generous gift from Anu Jayanti)


Student Grants:

Francis Annan: Insurance Effects and Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Ghana’s M-Insurance Revolution
Jasper Cooper:  Does punitive power corrupt?  Evidence from random recruitment of candidates into the police force in Papua New Guinea.
Golvine de Rochambeau:  Transport Industry in Liberia
Nicolás de Roux:  Credit Scoring meets Small Agricultural Lending: Rainfall Shocks, Recovery and Access to Formal Credit
Thomas Leavitt:  Nation-State Formation and Political Transitions: An Empirical Analysis of Apartheid in South Africa
Divya Singh:  Do Voters and Politicians respond to secure elections? Evidence from India
Jason C. Wong:  Dear Manager: Complaints, Vertical Accountability, and Electricity Delivery in Rural India

Faculty Grants:

Belinda Archibong and Anja Tolonen: Do National Youth Service Programs Reduce Intergroup Bias?
Jonas Hjort: The Arrival of Fast Internet and Skilled Job Creation in Africa
Supreet Kaur: Understanding Human Capital Accumulation in Developing Countries: A Field Experiment with Adaptive Technologies (made possible by a generous gift from Michael and Polly Brandmeyer)
Francois Gerard: The True Costs of Incentivizing Small Firms to Formalize in Developing Countries (made possible by a generous gift from Michael and Polly Brandmeyer)


Student Grants:

Anthony D'Agostino: Climate Change and Credit in Rural India
Maria Micaela Sviatschi: Schooling and Labor Responses to Heterogeneous Commodity Price Shocks: Evidence from Peru
Jorge Mangonnet: A Legal Empowerment RCT in the Chaco Region, Argentina
Ashna Arora: Khap Panchayats in Haryana
Nicolás De Roux : Cultivation Practices and Access to Credit
Lindsay Dolan: Acting Like a State? Foreign Aid and Political Opinions