Development Colloquium Speakers

Louise Guillouet
Amanda Awadey, discussant
Friday, September 13
"Can trade change tastes? An application to fast-food in Myanmar
Lorenzo Lagos
Friday, September 20
Fighting for Higher Wages or Better Amenities? The Impact of Collective Bargaining on Job Conditions in Brazil
Yue Yu
Seung-hun Lee, discussant
Friday, September 27
Land Use Regulation and Economic Development: Evidence from the Farmland Red Line Policy in China
Michael Poyker
Kyle Coombs, discussant
Friday, October 4
Why Aren’t People Leaving “Janesville?”: Industry Persistence, Trade Shocks, and Mobility
Hailey Nguyen
Parijat Lal, discussant
Friday, October 11
Understanding and Improving High School Choices: Evidence from Vietnam
Amanda Awadey
Asutosh Nanda, discussant 
Friday, October 18
Dario Romero
Naman Garg , discussant
Friday, October 25
Kim Cramer
Prerna Dewan, discussant
Friday, November 1
Tam Mai
BooKang Seol, discussant
Friday, November 8
Arpita Saluja
Sakshi Gupta, discussant
Friday, November 15
Naman Garg/ Sakshi Gupta
Fri, December 6