Featured Funded Projects

Faculty Grants


The Anatomy of Tariff Evasion in Liberia

Researchers: Jonas Hjort with Anders Jensen and Golvine de Rochambeau

The Andean Way? Understanding Corruption and Ineffeciency in Peru

Researcher: Paul Lagunes

Impacts of Glyphosate Use in Agriculture on Human Health

Researchers: Rodrigo R. Soares with Mateus Dias and Rudi Rocha

Asymmetric Information in the Household: Fathers, Children, and Peer-Pressure

Researchers: Anja Tolonen with Eeshani Kandpal and Carolin Sjoholm


Do National Youth Service Programs Reduce Intergroup Bias?

Researchers: Belinda Archibong and Anja Tolonen

The Arrival of Fast Internet and Skilled Job Creation in Africa

Researchers: Jonas Hjort with Jonas Poulsen

Understanding Human Capital Accumulation in Developing Countries: A Field Experiment with Adaptive Countries

Researchers: Supreet Kaur with Heather Schofield and Sidra Rehman

The True Costs of Incentivizing Small Firms to Formalize in Developing Countries

Researchers: Francois Gerard

Student Grants


Insurance Effects and Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Ghana's M-Insurance Revolution

Researcher: Francis Annan, PhD Student in Sustainable Development, SIPA

Transport Industry in Liberia

Researcher: Golvine de Rochambeau, PhD Student in Economics

Credit Scoring Meets Small Agricultural Lending: Exogeneous Shocks, Recovery, and Access to Formal Credit

Researcher: Nicolás de Roux, CDEP Fellow and PhD Student in Economics

Nation-State Formation and Political Transitions: An Empirical Analysis of Apartheid in South Africa

Researcher: Thomas Leavitt, PhD Student in Political Science

Poll Booth Safety and Women Turnout: Evidence from India

Researcher: Divya Singh, PhD Student in Economics

Dear Manager: Complaints, Vertical Accountability, and Electricity Delivery in Rural India

Researcher: Jason C. Wong, PhD Student in Sustainable Development, SIPA


Technological Growth, Climate Change, and Rural Labor Markets

Researcher: Anthony Louis D'Agostino, CDEP Fellow and PhD Student in Sustainable Development, SIPA

Enpowering the Rural Poor in the Legal Arena: An Experimental Design for the Argentinean Chaco Region

Researcher: Jorge Mangonnet, PhD Student in Political Science

The Spillover Effects of Cocaine Labor Markets: Child Labor and Human Capital in Peru

Researcher: Maria Micaela Sviatschi, CDEP Fellow and PhD Student in Economics