Global Ed Tech Entrepreneurship Program

The Center for Development Economics and Policy, in partnership with Columbia Entrepreneurship, the Nasdaq Educational Foundation, Fundação Lemann, and the Unicef Office of Global Innovation has launched an education technology (EdTech) program to explore innovations in K-12 education across the globe that leverage technology. The program will engage education scholars, EdTech entrepreneurs and leaders from the private and public sector in a multi-year examination of the impact of EdTech on K-12 education -- how teachers teach, how students learn, how data is collected and how school communities interact.

Funding will support a variety of activities including:

  • EdTech Global Forum: The initiative will kick off in October 2017 with a Forum that will bring together EdTech entrepreneurs from four continents -- Africa, Asia, North & South America.  The forum will include a keynote speaker as well as two panel discussions on global education challenges and how entrepreneurs are solving them with technology.
  • EdTech Tours: SIPA will lead a delegation of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and academics on site visits to local schools using technology in innovative ways in support of excellence in teaching and learning; the delegation will also meet with EdTech venture capitalists and local entrepreneurs.
  • Design Challenge and EdTech Entrepreneurship Course: A 10-day EdTech Design Challenge will launch in late October 2017 aimed at generating new product or program ideas to solve deeply entrenched education problems with technology.  Multidisciplinary teams to include students from SIPA, Business, Teachers College, Engineering and the College will research, interview potential customers and develop prototypes to demonstrate their ideas. The Challenge will result in the creation of ideas for new EdTEch ventures and culminate in a semester-long entrepreneurship course in 2018. Up to three teams will receive $10,000 to move forward with their ideas.
  • In addition to programming, the initiative will develop a body of research to include:
  • White Paper on how EdTech is changing the global education landscape.
  • Case Studies on EdTech innovations and stories of entrepreneurs from across the globe.

Sarah M. Holloway, Program Director