Clyde Wu Visiting Fellows Program

CDEP has received a gift to establish the Clyde Wu Visiting Fellows Program.

The Clyde Wu Visiting Fellows Program will bring to campus scholars or practitioners with expertise on health policy and well-being, with particular relevance to China and the U.S., for short-term visits. The program is part of a larger gift to SIPA from Zhe (Zach) He, an alumnus of Columbia College and member of SIPA’s 70th Anniversary Honorary Committee. In addition to the program for visiting fellows in health policy, the gift will also support students in SIPA’s PhD program in sustainable development.

The December 2016 gift was made in memory of Dr. Clyde Wu, the late cardiologist and former University trustee who graduated from Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. As the longest-serving chairman of the University’s Health Sciences Committee, Wu played a critical role in fortifying Columbia’s place among world leaders in medical research and health education. The Clyde and Helen Wu Center for Molecular Cardiology at Columbia University Medical Center, which recognizes the previous philanthropic contributions by Dr. and Mrs. Wu, continues to advance research and education in the field. Wu’s enduring influence is further reflected in the various programs he steered and many students he mentored.

Wu Visiting Fellows will be in residence for two to four weeks each year; they will contribute to dialogue on health policy issues and enjoy access to faculty, classes, events, and other resources at CDEP, SIPA and Columbia.